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Uncompromised quality and safety of your products is key to the acquisition of potential and targeted consumers and customers; it plays an essential element in the success story of your business and brand development.

We will help and support you so that your quality management systems meet the highest, most up-to-date industry requirements and standards. We can also assist you in developing and setting up quality management programs with built-in product quality and safety features.

When facing customers, consumers and relevant authorities you will be able to demonstrate strong industry quality leadership; the preventive measures taken in your operation will be evidence of your commitment to high quality.

Within the increasingly complex issues you are confronted with, we can offer comprehensive services such as:

  • setting up and training in QM-systems based on EN ISO 9001:2008
  • customized quality systems and programs
  • establishment and verification of HACCP concepts
  • translation and implementation of GMP regulations, including personnel and operational hygiene and sanitation
  • preparation of raw/packaging material and finshed product specifications
  • quality systems of materials from reception to release of finish product
  • processing and responding to consumer or supplier quality claims
  • methodical supplier rating and supplier/toll-packer audits
  • participation in and guidance of supplier audits based on BRC/ISA standards
  • performing and directing individually focused training, seminars and workshops
  • establishment and implementation of product-specific crisis management systems
  • preparation of analytical examination/testing for determination and confirmation of microbiological, chemical and physical characteristics.
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