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Food Law

Regulations of national and especially European Food Law will have to be amended intensively within the next years and conditions made by governmental authorities will become more numerous and more detailed (product tracking, warning systems, information tracts etc.). We pursue the amendments of food law based on our experience for decades and participation in leading food associations.

As your partner, FOSCON will assure that your innovations as well as existing products comply with current food law, guaranteeing at the same time optimal competitive advantage. These are important features for successful new product introductions and rejuvenation of your existing product range.

In the case of business conflicts with competitors or food regulatory agencies you can rely on our help. We will successfully advise and support you in every situation.

One of our partners in this area in example are the ZENK Lawyers.

We also offer you, in addition to work on single tasks, planning and management of complete projects:

  • computer-based management and documentation of relevant supplier and material data (e.g., allergens, GMOs) 
  • food law compliance of recipes and establishment of label declarations (with EDP tools and multilingual on request) 
  • management of food permit variances 
  • management of customer/consumer inquiries 
  • training and education of your employees
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