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The increasingly health-conscious consumer is making nutrition an important factor in today’s marketplace. Precise nutritional information will give you a competitive advantage by helping the consumer’s decision to purchase your product.

The segment of functional foods and food supplements offers the possibility to label health claims based on specific ingredients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, fiber or secondary plant substances (SPS, botanicals)).

Your business can participate in these interesting developments. FOSCON is the ideal partner to support your efforts, who knows about ingredients and their efficacy and who can define the legal status and advertisement feasibilities of chosen ingredients.

We also offer comprehensive nutritional declaration service for existing products and the management of consumer/customer inquiries in the field of nutrition.

On the basis of our scientific expertise in nutrition combined with thorough knowledge of the relevant complexities of food law, we can offer to manage the following tasks and projects for you:

  • evaluation of nutritional and food law requirements for development of recipes and package design
  • advice on possible health claims based on functional ingredients
  • formulation of nutritional declarations 
  • calculation and management of nutritional data on the basis of established databases, chemical analyses, or supplier information (computer based applications) 
  • coordination and implementation of nutrition-relevant advertising for targeted consumer groups as well as specific health-oriented information concepts for intermediaries and professionals (doctors, pharmacologists, nutrition consultants, etc.) 
  • handling of relevant questions on nutrition – from simple customer and consumer queries up to managing a computer database for end-users, e.g. establishing product lists for consumers with allergies  
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