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Opinions and Certificates

In any field of our areas of competence we provide experts’ opinions and certificates based on the expertise of longstanding scientific experience.

In Germany we can affix documents with a round stamp confirming our publicly certified and officially recognized expertise in the areas of food chemistry, labelling, hygiene and analysis of food. These experts’ opinions / certificates are acknowledged by your customers and trading partners in your home country and abroad as well as by the authorities.
We can provide for you:
  • certificates of analysis and experts’ opinions on labelling for your products; these documents are required in Germany in particular for the first listing as well as for the regular supply of private label products for retailers (documents are needed quarterly as a rule)
  • certificates of hygiene for import and export
  • scientific experts’ opinions e. g. in the fields of microbiology and hygiene as well as food chemistry and labelling of food
  • opinions based on nutritional science and expertise especially on functional ingredients in food and food supplements
  • experts’ opinions in case of complaints by the authorities or by competitors and in order to represent interests of clients before courts of law
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