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Dr. Robert Wittner

Dr. Robert WittnerBorn 1960 in Stuttgart. Study of food chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. Ph.D study at the University of Hohenheim in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Analytical Division.

Robert began his career as Food Expert and Laboratory Leader with the Official Food Enforcement Authorities and held leading positions for more than 10 years in the food industry, e.g. Manager Quality Management, Leader Food Law department and last Head of Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition in the German affiliate of the world-wide largest food and consumer goods company.

He has been a member of national and international expert groups of associations of the food industry and has given numerous presentations at workshops and seminars.

Robert is a Publicly Appointed Expert in chemistry, labelling, hygiene and analytics of food.

Dr. Robert Wittner • Dr. Wittner GmbH
Wollhausstrasse 147 • D-74074 Heilbronn
Phone: +49(0)7131 89 89 145
Fax: +49(0)7131 89 89 148
e-mail: r.wittner@foscon.net

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